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lauren clifford - holmes


About me

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My love affair with photography started when I was given my dad’s old Minolta X700 at age 18. I took the camera and several rolls of film to India and shot my first real frames. Ever since I’ve felt most alive behind the camera.


I’ve been lucky enough to shoot a wide variety of work in different sectors over the last 17 years; from advocacy and documentary to weddings, engagements, live music and corporate shoots.

Please view my portfolio - the below images are linked to their respective categories. Otherwise please utilise the PORTFOLIO drop down menu in the navigation bar above.

I’m available for hire to capture your next magical event, wedding, stage performance, safaris and more...  Get in touch!


Contact me

+27 (72) 373 4549


Home location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Travel-ready for any local or international shoots

Passports:  South African & British 

Thanks for submitting!

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