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client references

Christa Jakoby

"My husband and I were lucky enough to have Lauren shoot our engagement party for us. Being awkward in front of cameras, we both just wanted a keepsake of the day and the beautiful memories it would hold for us. And Lauren did just that - so many beautiful photos capturing people in mid-laugh, intimate conversation, eating, drinking and generally just looking golden in the warmth of the afternoon sun and the glow of the company of good friends.


She fitted seamlessly into the vibe of the afternoon, and was completely unobtrusive. As a result, the photos had a natural ease, vulnerability and candour to them, with our guests not even realising they were being photographed. She captured all of the little touches we had put into making the day special, without having to let her know what those touches were. Lauren is a truly wonderful photographer with an incredible eye for detail, and for making each moment a reflection of who we are as a couple." -- Engagement shoot, 2011

Chris Roper

“Over the last decade or so, Lauren has shot a multiplicity of different things for me, from Scientology shrines to rhino poachers to human interest stories to… well, the list could go on and on. Perhaps my favourite work of hers has been her music photography, where her innate compassion for her subjects translates into some incredibly striking imagery and video. It’s a rare talent that can combine the hard, gritty work of news photography with the creative, instinctive touch needed for the arts. Lauren has those qualities in abundance, and her rich portfolio attests to that.”  -- Former Mail & Guardian Editor and current Deputy CEO, Code for Africa

Cindy Harris

"I contracted Lauren as resident photographer for the Rhodes Drama department in 2006 & 2007, where she shot a variety of performances including dance, physical/ contemporary theatre and choreography... Lauren easily engaged with all concerned and was sensitive to the differing roles required of a photographer when dealing with students with diverse levels of experience. She was reliable, deadline orientated and  delivered edits on time. Her work was a good representation of the activity at hand, with many images capturing the mood and moment. I can therefore recommend her with confidence." -- Rhodes University Drama Department Administrator, 2007 - Theatre shoots

Franki & Kobus Marais

"Lauren isn't one of those photographers who makes you stand in awkward poses with strained smiles while she tries to get the perfect shot. She captures you in moments. Moments full of raw, honest emotion. To say our wedding photos were perfect is an understatement. Thank you for capturing our special day so spectacularly Lauren!"  -- Wedding shoot, 2015

Simone & Paul Kent

"We loved spending the summer afternoon in our neighbourhood with Lauren . We walked to all of our favourite areas and hung out as a family whilst Lauren snapped away.  I am very camera shy and thanks to Lauren's serene approach, I managed to get through this unscathed.  Lauren is perfect at capturing the moment and energy between people in such a natural way." -- Family shoot, 2014

Verashni Pillay & Luke Hutchinson

"Lauren is an intuitive and highly professional photographer and creative. Her eye for detail, together with her strong organisational skills and demeanour make her the perfect photographer for any event. We were thrilled with the photos she produced for our wedding and engagement shoot"  -- Wedding & Engagement Shoots, 2014

Verity Maud

" I was so happy with the pregnancy shots that Lauren produced for us! She really managed to capture the essence of us as a couple. She made us feel so comfortable which is really important when shooting something so intimate. We really loved the experience!" -- Pregnancy shoot, 2014

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